Just a few years ago, an important European politician reflected about what should be the priority for public policy in his country. “Here is an easy question: What institution takes care of the ill, children and the elderly, supports workers and the unemployed, and provides the most satisfying relationships and precious memories for people?¨...


6-  Luis Peral

Senator of España

​Declaración de los Derechos de la Familia

7- Lucía Pérez Camarena​

​Member of Parliament of México

Iniciativa con proyecto de decreto que crea la ley general de protección de la familia

8- Chrisantus Wamalwa
​Member of parliament of Kenya

9- Jan Figel
Vice-President of the National Council of Slovak Republic.

6- Lynda Rose

Convenor of the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group

Predicted that by 2016 the majority of children will be born outside marriage

The dangers posed to family in the UK through stealth progression of the liberal sexual agenda

7- Sharon Slater

​President, Family Watch Internations

Victories and challenges for the Family at the UN

8- Lawrence Jacobs

Managing Director of World Congress of Family

​​​The World Congress of Families project

9- Leticia Salgado​

​​​Citizen counselor

​Proyecto integral de Prevención del Delito en los jóvenes


1- Rodrigo Iván Cortés

Secretary for International Relations of RAEP

Aims and Context to the Network

​2- Jaime Mayor Oreja

Former Member of the European Parliament and Former Minister of Home Affairs

​​Historical step for the Defense of the Life in Europe.

​3-  Sophia Aguirre

Proffessor of Economics in The Catholic University of America

​Family and Sustainable Development

4- Sophia Kuby

Executive Director, European Dignity Watch EU

A Network for Political Agenda Setting in Europe.​​

​5- Liliana Negre​
Member of Senate of Argentina​
Protection Policies and Strengthening Families.

Photographic Reportage


1- Oscar Iván Zuluaga

President of the Democratic Center Party in Colombia.

La familia como centro de política pública: caso de la campaña presidencial colombiana

​2- Dr. Helen M. Alvaré

Professor at George Mason University School of Law

Women, the Family and the Common Good

3- Zoltan Balog​

​Hungarian Minister for Human Capacities.

4-Jeff Fortenberry

​U.S. House of Representatives from Nebraska's 1st district.

​5- José Ignacio Echániz 

Government of Castilla-La Mancha Minister of Health, Spain

Signed by Legislative Representatives.

We, democratically elected Members of Parliament worldwide, solemnly reaffirm what has long been acknowledged in international law, namely that the family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, is the natural and fundamental unit of society entitled to protection by society and the State.