Thomas Jacobson

Global Life Campaign, USA

Paola Holguín

Member of Senate, Colombia

Carlos Acosta

House Representative, Colombia

Alvaro Uribe

Former President of Colombia


Katalin Novak

Minister of State for Family and Youth. Hungary


John Milton Rodríguez

Member of Senate, Colombia

Sharon Slater

President of Family Watch International,​ USA

Valeriu Ghilețchi

Member of the Council of Europe. Member of Parliament. Moldova. 

Silvia Elías de Pérez

Member of Senate,


The Political Network for Values and its allied organizations will gather political representatives from Europe, the Americas and other regions of the world in its 3rd Transatlantic Summit, which will be held in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

The gradual establishment of relativism in all areas of life has brought about a liquid society devoid of permanent reference points, and a crisis of civilization. This Summit is aimed at providing an answer at this crucial moment in history.

Affirming solid principles on which building the future is urgent in the face of an escalating global offensive – gender ideology, anti-natalism, euthanasia, corruption, etc. – and the growing political polarization between the New Global Order and populism. The Summit will provide a forum to share strategies, best practices and lines of action for strengthening the family, marriage, the defense of life and human dignity, freedom of conscience and religion, always with profound integrity in the management of public resources.

Juan Diego Gómez

Member of Senate, Colombia

Juan Carlos Romero Hicks

Former Presidential Candidate and Member of Parliament,


Garnett Genuis

Member of Parliament, Canada

Santiago Valencia

Member of Senate, Colombia

Rafael Nieto Loaiza

Former Presidential Candidate, 


Brian Brown

President of International Organization for the Family, USA

Luis Losada

CitizenGO Director for Latin-America, Spain

Obianuju Ekeocha

President of Culture of Life Africa, Nigeria

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saint Lucia

Jose Antonio Kast

Founder of the Republican Action Movement. Former Presidential candidate Chile.

Oscar Ivan Zuluaga

Former Presidential Candidate, Colombia

Lars Adaktusson

Member of Parliament, Sweden.

Ricardo Vélez (Tbc)

Minister of Education, Brazil

Jaime Mayor Oreja

 Member of the European Parliament (2004-2014), Minister of Home Affairs (1996-2001), Spain

Zoltan Balog

President of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary. Commissioner to the Prime Minister, Hungary.


María del Rosario Guerra

Member of Senate, Colombia