​​​Political Network for Values@ 2018

International Center on Law, Life, Faith and Family 

The ICOLF  is a network made up of Catholic jurists who are committed to pooling efforts with a view to sharing information and providing resources and materials for a number of interested parties working on “Law, life, faith and family” issues on the national, regional and international levels. 


Life and motherhood

Life and family in Latin-America
Observatorio internacional de políticas públicas y familia

Report on Surrogate Motherhood

Early Institute abstract on Surrogate Motherhood

Marriage and family

The Family:  Agent of Economic Development 

By Patrick Fagan.
You may find more original research at: 


Report on the Evolution on the family in Europe 2014 

By Institute for Family Policy

Rapport sur l´evolution de la famille en Europe 2014 

Institute de Politique Familial

More at: www.ipfe.org


Other Topics

Comprehensive program on prevention of crime on young people "Hey you, the change depends on you".

Mexico, by Lisbeth Hernández Lecona and Leticia Salgado Peña

Zimbabwe's National Action Plan 2

Zimbabwe, by Priscah Mupfumira

Life and motherhood

Defund Planned Parenthood. 

Committee Findings: Planned Parenthood Investigation 

Support Network for young pregnant women in Madrid Region

Spain, by Luis peral and Lola Velarde

Marriage and family

Law Proposal for the protection of the family

Mexico, by Carmen Lucía Pérez Camarena

Strengthen the family for sustainable development 

Mexico​, by Daniel Ávila Ruiz

Family policy in light of the Catholic Social Teaching and the SDGs 
USA, by Brian Scarnecchia

Insert the family in the political party's platform

Spain​, by Santiago Abascal

What is PAPAZ network?

Colombia, by ​Carolina Piñeros