The Political Network for Values grew out of the effort initiated by former Minister of Home Affairs in Spain and former Member of the European Parliament, Mr. Jaime Mayor Oreja, along with legislators from Europe, the United States and Mexico to create Trans-Atlantic cooperation among legislators on the issues of life, marriage, family and fundamental freedoms.

After a number of bilateral smaller scale meetings took place, the participating legislators were only reaffirmed in the need to collaborate across the Atlantic in defense of their shared values, being able to address common threats and issues simultaneously. In December 2014 the first Transatlantic Summit was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, celebrating the XX Anniversary of the International Year of the Family, which at the same time formalized the Political Network for Values as an international platform and network for legislators. The event counted with the participation of over 60 legislators and a total of 200 participants including academia, scholars and civil society representatives.

The successful outcome and positive response by legislators after the first summit resulted in a second summit in September 2015. Beforehand the organizing committee identified a need to focus not only on the Trans-Atlantic aspect but also the regional challenges legislators face. Which is the reason why the 2015 Summit was a ‘Regional Summit of the Americas” with particular focus on the Inter-American System. Over 80 legislators and political representatives and 40 scholars and civil society leaders participated in the regional summit.


A Youth Training Program accompanies the Summit’s preparation. Young adults aspiring social or political leadership in defense of the shared values are selected in order to attend a training session during the days before the summits and also participate as volunteers helping out during the events.