Here you will find useful resources on issues related to the protection of the Family.

Legislative Proposals

Law Proposal for the protection of the family. Carmen Lucía Pérez Camarena. Mexico

Talking Points

The Family: Agent of Economic Development & the Fundamental Safety Net. Patrick F. Fagan, PhD. UN

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Report on the Evolution on the family in Europe 2014. Institute for Family Policy. Europe
​           In French:Rapport sur l´evolution de la famille en Europe 2014
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Other Resources

Strengthen the Family for a Sustainable Development. Legislation in favour of the family in Mexico: General Law for the Rights of Children and Adolescents. Daniel Ávila Ruiz​. Mexico
Strengthen the Family for Sustainable Development. Santiago Abascal​. Spain
What is PAPAZ network?Carolina Piñeros. Colombia

Legislative Outlook: Life and Family in Latin America. Observatorio Internacional de Políticas Públicas y Familia. Latin America