Carlos Beltramo

Population Research Institute, Spain

Marijana Petir

Member of the European Parliament, Croatia


Roseane Cavalcante

Member of Parliament,


Maja Vargic

Fundraising and Social Media Manager of ​European Dignity Watch, Belgium

Ewa Wrona

Director of operations of ​World Youth Alliance Europe, Belgium

Alejandro Ordóñez

Former General Attorney,


Laetitia Pouliquen

Director of ​Europe for Family, France

José Ribeiro e Castro

Member of Parliament,

Carlos iturgaiz

Member of the European Parliament, Spain

Luiz Fernando Teixeira

Member of Parliament,


Henk Jan van Schothorst

Executive Director of the European Office. Transatlantic Christian  Council,

The Nederlands

Rodrigo Goñi

Member of Parliament,


Ludovine de la Rochère

President of Europe For Family, France

Silvia Alejandrina Castro

Member of Parliament,

El Salvador

Theresa Okafor

President of the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage, Nigeria

Katalin Novák

Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, Hungary

Adina Portaru

Legal council Europe of  ADF International,​ Belgium

Antonio Prôa

Member of Parliament,

Lisbeth Hernández Lecona

Member of Senate,


Thiago Ferro

FENASP Political Network, Councilor of Curitiba, Brazil

The Political Network for Values and its allied organizations focus on the need for legislative agenda-setting and collaboration among political peers to promote shared values in a globalized political context.

The Second Transatlantic Summit will bring together members of the European Parliament and national legislators from Europe, Latin America and North America as well as other regions of the world.The Summit will create a forum spotlighting topics regarding the institution of marriage, family, human life, human dignity, religious freedom and freedom of conscience in international organizations. Policy makers will discuss a proposed agenda based on the risks and challenges identified by experts, and will set the ground for its implementation.

Željka Markić

In the name of the Family


Marguerite Peeters

Founder of the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics


Marcela Dobešová

President of ​Forum for Life, Slovakia

HE Gintaras Grušas

Archbishop of Vilnius,

Mariano Gervan

Member of Parliament, Argentina

Antonio dos Santos

Member of Parliament,


Anca Maria Cernea

President of the Association of Catholic Doctors 


Sharon Slater

President of Family Wath International, USA

Margarita Durán

Former Senator, Spain

Rogelio Genao

Member of Parliament,
​Dominican Republic

Jan Figel

European Union Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief


Leo van Doesburg

Director for European Affairs of ECPM,


Isabel María Salazar 

Partido Social Cristiano,

Rodrigo Iván Cortés

Secretary for International Relations of RAEP,

Katharina Rothweiler

Red Familia,​ Mexico


Vice-President of the EPP Group,

Jacqueline Halbig

​Principal of Sovereign Global Solutions, USA

Jaime Mayor Oreja

 Member of the European Parliament (2004-2014), Minister of Home Affairs (1996-2001), Spain

Lorcan Price

Alliance Defending Freedom


Edit Frivaldszky

President of Mum, Dad and Kids Association, Hungary

Alberto Bárcena

Professor at CEU San Pablo University,


Antoine de Boutray

Administrator of ​Europe for Family, France

Carlos Tubino

Member of Parliament,


Christian Rosas Calderon

Foundator of Coordinadora Nacional Pro Familia, Peru

Thiago Ferro

Elected Councilor of Curitiba,

Beatriz Elorriaga

City Councilor of Madrid,


Adolfo Romero Lainas

Member of Senate,


Jose Veiga de Macedo

Vice president of ​Fondation AJB - A Junção do Bem, Portugal

Ana del Pino

European Coordinator of One of Us, Spain

Jaroslav Chanas

Doctorate student, Theological faculty of Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Anna Vérešová

Member of Parliament,

Lynda Rose

Member of the House of Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, UK

Luisa Mayorga

Youth Program Director​Political Network for Values, USA

Feargas O'Beara

Adviser to the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Ireland

Jeffrey Donaldson

Member of Parliament,
United Kingdom

Alix Lejard

EU delegate of Femina Europa,France

Chrisantus Wamalwa Wakhungu

Member of Parliament, Kenya

Personhood, family and society: Global challenges, global responses Preliminary Program

Antoine Mellado

Director of Advocacy of ​​World Youth Alliance, Belgium

Ángela Hernández

Member of Parliament,

Attila Beneda

Deputy State Secretary for Family and Youth,


Sophia Kuby

Alliance Defending Freedom Brussels

Liliana Negre​

Member of Senate, Argentina​

Alice Neffe

Legal Council Europe of ​ADF International, France

Lola Velarde

International Vicepresident of the Institute for Family Policy, Spain



Alfonso Aguilar

American Principles Project,

​Washington DC

Second Transatlantic Summit of Policy Makers European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium                   

April  27th-28th 2017

Carlo Casini

Former Member of the European Parliament,


Philippe Desmoulins

Vice president of ​Europe for Family, France

György Hölvényi

Member of the European Parliament,

Antonio Tajani​ (TBC)

President of the European Parliament,

Interpretation: English, French, Spanish



Travis Weber

Family Research Council


Lars Adaktusson

Member of the European Parliament,


Roxana Stanciu

executive director of ​European Dignity Watch, Belgium

Branislav Skripek

Member of the European Parliament,​ Slovakia

Carlos Polo

Population Research Institute, Perú

Maria Hildingsson

Secretary General of FAFCE, ​Belgium

Álvaro Zulueta

CitizenGo CEO,


Martin Santivañez

director of Majestas Foundation, ​Peru

Hrvoje Vargić

Regional Director of World Youth Alliance Europe, Croatia

Laima Andrikiene

Member of the European Parliament, Lithuania

Miroslav Mikolasik

Member of the European Parliament, ​Slovakia

Cecile Edel

President of Choisir la vie, France

Brian Brown

President of the International Organization for the Family, USA