The Network of Political Ethical Action is a meeting point between lawmakers of all political parties, businessmen and social leaders who share principles and convictions: promoting and defending the dignity of every person's life, revalue the importance of marriage and family for the future of society and affirm religious freedom as a fundamental human right.

The association "Family and Human Dignity" was established in April 2008 in Spain. It is formed by active politicians and civil society leaders who share principles and values on the Right to Life, Family, Human Dignity and the Right of Parents to choose the Education of their Children.


The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) is a Christian European political party. Its goal is to fill the gap in the European political landscape by reiterating Christian Democracy as a viable political alternative in Europe, with a particular emphasis on a Christian relational worldview. The movement brings together over 50 Christian-Democratic political parties, NGOs, think tanks and individual politicians from over 20 countries within the EU and beyond.